The Artistic Side of Ken Pieper

November 2012

Well I’ve finally exposed my first love to all visiting our web site. That is the love of creating fine art and photography for folks to purchase and enjoy. Our new web site reflects my personal love of the arts and a few of the pieces I’ve been painting and photographing over the last few years.

I have created both fine art and taken fine art photos for many years during my career, but just never allocated the time required to refine these special gifts. These self taught endeavors have given me countless hours of pleasure in my life.  I believe these gifts are truly blessings from God and I thank him daily for them.

My photographic interest started very young in my life as my mother would let me shoot with her 620 box camera, which I still have with my boyhood treasures. Over these many years I taught myself to shoot photos with a more refined approach.  The architectural photographs of the homes that I design are the most challenging. The different lighting sources utilized in the capture of a really well done shot of the home are sometimes brutal, but very rewarding when completed.

Living in the Rocky Mountains affords me the opportunity of having the best landscape studio. This environment truly speaks to my soul and refuels all senses of my being. When given the opportunity of either photographing or painting these great monuments of nature, I often feel a very humbling yet self rewarding sense of total emersion with nature.

Creating fine art paintings has been a longtime endeavor from my early years. I was too busy in my “real job” and not able to pursue the journey full time. The dedication required to really connect with the subject you’re trying to paint comes from many strokes on the canvas. Fortunately, I am now able to devote the time, energy, and passion in the pursuit of this God given talent. I believe that creating this fine art will provide a long and enduring personal and emotional response from my collectors.

My sincere wish is for you to find pleasure in viewing my body of work in both venues. Please feel comfortable in sending me your thoughts and sharing your visions of what makes your artistic soul happy.

We will continue to post the newest pieces of work, both in the fine art of photography and painting on our web site for your viewing pleasure and opportunity to purchase. Should you have any comments or questions about the body of work or an individual piece, please contact me at I welcome your comments.

Until next time, may the art in your heart feed the music of your soul.


Ken Pieper

Author: Dianne Pieper